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“I would say I live to serve, Man of Iron, but alas that would mean I am not above you pathetic mortals.” He purred, stepping away from the man. Loki was a master at holding his temper if he needed to, though around this mortal his control really wanted to fly out the window so he could just strangle the man. But no; Loki was Asgardian, not some brute. No, he knew Stark was uncomfortable. He’d tripped Iron Man up, and the man was struggling to recover the ground that had been casually ripped out from under him. Loki simply smiled that predatory grin,

“Ah, baiting me, Stark? Tsk tsk tsk, such a shame. And here I thought we could be … friends.” His hand came up to push his fingers against the man’s throat. Not enough to hurt, but put just enough pressure to make Tony a tad more uncomfortable than he already was,

“I should kill you for what you did to me… what you helped to do. You helped muzzle me; Silvertongue, Liesmith, Mischief Maker… but, I like the thought of you knowing I’m free.. never knowing when I’m going to show up in your precious tower.” He slid his long fingers down the man’s throat, chest, and pressed his index finger against the arc reactor in the man’s chest,

“I failed in bringing you to my side last time. I underestimated you, I will admit this … however, I do not make it a point of making the same mistake twice. I have other ways of controlling someone’s … well, I would say heart but that’s not what this is, is it, Tony~.” His lips were split in his customary and very predatory grin.

Tony almost snorted at the mans superfluous use of the word ‘friend’. How it fell from the tricksters lips so jeeringly it sounded more artificial than that stuff on Happy’s head he tried to pass off as hair; And that was saying something. The same something Tony was about to share had the addition of Loki’s hand to his neck not been such an excellent deterrent.

Widening his eyes and looking almost as dramatically paralyzed as he had the first time Loki got his mitt’s on him Tony’s gaze flickered just passed the gods head and to a security camera at his back. Eyeing the device critically. It didn’t seem to mind his distressed face as it’s little red light blinked knowingly and okay, so maybe he knew relying on S.H.I.E.L.D for reinforcements was a little to much to ask but REALLY? Crazy, bastard, war criminal on the loose! Hide the cats! Send the women home! Do Something. 

Shouldn’t there at least be a siren going off or something? Maybe S.H.I.E.L.D thought if they stayed super still and quite Loki Laufeyson would just have his fun with Tony and move on. Assholes. Tony almost felt the temptation to be bitter about it had Loki’s rant not drawn him in as quickly as it had lost him and distracted that idea.

"I like the thought of you knowing I’m free…"

"Never knowing when I’m going to show up in your precious tower."

Maybe he should move.

True, the notion did make him nervous. Almost as nervous as the fingers stroking down his chest. But what really got him panicking just then was the movement over his arc reactor. [A quirk he had severely hoped the other had forgotten about.] 

Just a touch had him openly strain to keep himself from shaking. Muscles so rigid he nearly misdialed in his pocket. S.H.I.E.L.D might not have his back but he’d be damned if he didn’t know he could count on his team mates knocking down that door no sooner than they received his S.O.S.

It was almost a comforting thought. He mused, but the only real solace Tony Stark felt at that moment was rooted in the fact that by some lucky star he had been possessed to dress in layers this morning. Snugly hiding his arc reactor under numerous layers of overpriced clothing. Good thing too.. It suddenly felt weird. Like it’s strong pull was inexplicably shifting towards the finger that played over his core, skating it’s prominent edges contemplatively. 


He moved back by slow degree’s and hoped the god wouldn’t notice his minute retreat. Doing significantly well at affecting a functional state of calm when Loki’s scathing remark came. Striking a nerve deep in the billionaire. He stopped inching back and looked up instead. Glowering daggers at Loki as all the muscles in his jaw became visibly taut and pulled his hand from his pocket, slapping the god’s hand away from him. 

He’d casually ignore that swatting the other so felt a little bit like what he imagined giving a stop sign a high five was like. His palm stinging the least of his concerns as he jerked away from the lunatic, circling away from him.

"You’re that serial killers that return to the scene of the crime, aren’t you?" He derided. Obviously wounded by the gods closing observation. "I get it." "I’m ‘The one that got away’.”

"But what you don’t realize; What you still don’t fucking realize is you’re still not just dealing with me right now. Not even us. Staying here, Staying on earth; you aren’t just facing one problem. Not even six, or ten. You’re facing seven billion in counting. Whatever you think accomplishing with me, with The Avengers. The odd’s aren’t going down. Nothings changing. There will always be more of us.” 

"You should just go home." 

Feeling more worn than angry now Tony scrubbed a hand over his face, unconsciously sliding it up to comb through thick hair. What was he trying to prove right now? He probably sounded nuts.

"Look, should I be worried about you taking a lock of my hair or something before you depart on your journey ‘to haunt my every wake’? Because I like my hair. Preferably here, With me.”

Iron Man Trilogy Posters - by Nicolas Alejandro Barbera

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“An obsession is when something will not leave your mind”

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Loki merely smiled behind the muzzle, and the look in his eyes sharpened; became more predatory. Stark had noticed where the books came from? Good good, one more pinch of salt on the wounds he intended to open. He placed his manacled hands against the glass wall, and … faded away in a small shine of golden light,

“Stark Stark .. just like my brother; falling for the doppleganger trick.” His lips were next to Stark’s ear, and the voice had a ringing purr in it that screamed ‘cat with the cream’. He stepped away then, walking around to the man’s right,

“My brother let me out, some days ago.. but I heard you were going to be here, so I decided to greet you in my own special way. So good to see you again, Stark. How is the tower.” He asked lowly. There was no smile on his lips, however.


Tony could feel the tips of his fingers twitch in response to Loki raising his hand to the glass. It was like they involuntarily meant to mimic the tricksters movement. Was it fascination? He wondered. Suddenly drawn to the stillness of the man before him. It was enthralling. Equivalent to what people felt just before they pressed the palms of their hands against the acrylic of a Tiger’s enclosure at the zoo. Knowing exactly what it meant to do to them but doing it anyway. Because the proximity was thrilling. And they were safe. Detached from any peril by oh so many layers of thick, shielding lamination.  

And if that tiger suddenly escaped, Your scent fresh on its mind? Well.. 

Tony’s heart dropped when the image before him suddenly vanished. Swallowed by a flare of gold. Magic. He thought peevishly. He hated magic…  

Tensing, Tony’s form went momentarily rigid against the presence behind him. He should have seen that one coming, he noted absently, swallowing hard while pointedly staring into the empty space before him. To move even slightly would mean to brush against Loki with his ear or something and he already felt the cool of Loki’s breath touch against his skin where it met. Enough to put anyone on edge while having things murmured into their ear by a complete madman. 

When Loki stepped away Tony closed his eyes. Dropping his head slightly as he let out an alleviated breath, one he hadn’t even realized he was holding. Straightening, Tony moved to face the trickster. A newly found composure lining his features. 

"You waited for me?" Tony blinked, feigning flattery. "You really should have told me." He scolded lightly. Pulling away from the glass wall. "I’d of dressed to suit." 

Because outside of his suit he wasn’t a threat at all. They both knew that. Even if Loki didn’t have him outmatched for height he would still beat him at strength. The only thing he had going for him was his wit and unabating knack for getting on peoples bad sides. Oh wait. 

"The tower?" Stark repeated thoughtfully. Rocking on his heels in an almost bored manner. Casually stretching his arms Tony slid both hands into his pockets and left them there.  Shoulders slacking with indifference. "Wonderful." He contended then, continuing with an "All new windows." before he looked up and smiled brightly.

 ”And Oh! Here’s something you might appreciate.” His expression went sardonic. Dark eyes gleaming with resolution.

"We now have heated flooring."

It wasn’t the wisest of quips and he was probably a moron for antagonizing a god while still dialing out for help in his pocket but it came so naturally to him anymore. He couldn’t help it. He was pissed about being caught like this and he simply thought to share the mood. 


avengers: Avenging Angels speed concept paint.
based on this super brilliant graphic:http://azriels.tumblr.com/post/24454223838/the-avengers-as-avenging-angels
i really really want to make art series based on thatTvT.This piece is just a super speedy test paint i did,to see whether the idea will work or not. i decided to make Steve’s BF (i’m steve/Phil shipper ,FYI) to bejust an ordinary human coz it’s been too much wings everywhere~.
and u see castiel there,yes? well, i put him there because i just can~ :)


avengers: Avenging Angels speed concept paint.

based on this super brilliant graphic:

i really really want to make art series based on thatTvT.
This piece is just a super speedy test paint i did,to see whether the idea will work or not. i decided to make Steve’s BF (i’m steve/Phil shipper ,FYI) to bejust an ordinary human coz it’s been too much wings everywhere~.

and u see castiel there,yes? well, i put him there because i just can~ :)

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Well well well, wasn’t that just perfect. The Man of Iron himself, come to visit him. He supposed he should feel honored, but really he just felt mocked. Showing none of these emotions in his eyes, he actually made the effort to get up from where he was sitting and reading, and come to stand at the edge of the cell, peering down at Stark. Unable to speak, he simply nodded,


He seemed feral. Tony thought, Watching Loki from a distance.

When he paced he was nothing short of a wolf in a pen, restlessly wandering the parameter for any weakness. It reminded him vaguely of the velociraptors in Jurassic park. He could just imagine it now, feeding Loki via a lift from the ceiling. 

That just might work he thought, recalling Thor’s earlier conundrum on keeping this man sustained during his ‘stay’, but shook it off. Inching his way a little closer instead. 

He probably shouldn’t be down here. Well, no. He definitely shouldn’t be down here. He knew that but.. Seeing Loki now, Like this. Sitting, Reading. Seeming almost human. It was a lot easier to remember that this was Thor’s baby brother. That there was a bottom line to this madness.

Moving out of the shadow’s Tony approached the god with veiled interest. All together ignoring the man as his dark eyes flew curiously around the other’s cell. He seemed taller than Tony recalled, the billionaire assessed his gaze settling on the books in the back of the room. 

Maybe it was the platform Loki’s ‘chambers’ were elevated on. Or the fact that no matter how anybody stood it always looked as if Loki was peering down at them. It was probably just the lack of his suit, But he wouldn’t be surprised if- Heeey! What the hell?

Tony looked suddenly perplexed. Like a child who had just been told someone else was playing with his favorite Lego’s. 

Looking up at Loki Tony’s attention kept falling back and forth between the books and the god. On the up side Tony was finally acknowledging the others presence. On the down it was with an edge of ire.

Those were his books. How in the hell the other got them he had no idea. He would have to ask Thor about that later. And Fury. He wouldn’t still be mad about Tony putting MiraLax in the water cooler outside his office, would he? 

"I hope you like your new cage." Tony started, eyeing the other boldly through the glass. Even muzzled the trickster looked menacing. His eyes a bright toxic green.

"This one was built with just you in mind" He added, more than knowledgable on that topic. Why wouldn’t he be? He helped design it. 

"I promise.”


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"Nice to meet’chu."